With the Opening of CAFFE VERGNANO 1882 Lounge in Mecca Mall, Kurdi Group has adopted a new philosophy of pioneering excellence in business, where the group has successfully brought to Jordan one of the most prestigious Italian coffee houses, a new step toward providing our mall shoppers with another outstanding service.
CAFFE VERGNANO 1882 Lounge is an exclusive coffee house, available only to those distinguish individuals who value a great cup of coffee!
After a long, hard day of working at the Office, don’t you wish there was a special place, somewhere you could go to

just kick back and commiserate with other people who share your passion for a great cup of coffee & some great music?

CAFFE VERGNANO 1882 is the place where you can just delete all your worries and live in the goodCAFFE VERGNANO 1882 times you’ve always thought of, a place where you can pour yourself a cup of fun and stir in a splash of gossip, to be enjoyed with your close friends?

Well, welcome to the prestigious CAFFEE VERGNANO 1882 Lounge in Mecca Mall!

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